If You Could End Your Eczema

Would It Save You £295/Year ?




If You Could End Your Eczema

Would It Save You £295/Year?


Answer the questions below

As many as 20% of children and 10% of adults are affected by eczema. With many eczema products costing more than £10 on average, there is a lot of ongoing suffering and expense being incurred.

2 Quick Questions:

1) Do You Spend More Than £295 per Year on Eczema Products?

2) Do You Still Suffer With Eczema?

If the answer to both of the above questions is YES, then shouldn't you look to treat your eczema in a different way?

Remember, there are NO products that can cure eczema!

In fact, no product can make that claim.

Not only are you spending money every month on products that don’t cure eczema, many of the product that are commonly used to treat eczema are in fact just helping to maintain it.

DID YOU KNOW: Mineral oils & steroids that are commonly used in eczema remedies can make the skin more porous.

As a result, they can allow foreign chemicals to penetrate the skin barrier to induce irritant inflammation.

DID YOU KNOW: That the generation time for replacement skin cells is 1 month.

If you have been applying a product to eczema for more than a month and the eczema is still present, it is wise to assume that the product is involved in maintaining the eczema, even if it is from a trusted brand or has been prescribed by a doctor.

Wouldn’t it be better and cheaper to try a different approach?

Wouldn’t it be better and cheaper to change your mindset?

Wouldn’t it be better and cheaper to END ECZEMA?

The Full Control Program: End eczema in weeks without drugs with the EXeczema. We Guarantee it!

EXplain eczema is the digital learning section (7 Part Video Based Learning) of our Full Control Program. It’s designed for eczema sufferers of all ages, from the parents of babies with eczema to adults who have suffered for years and often decades.

For just a £295 on off cost, which is less than you are already spending, we will EXplain eczema to you in a different way, a way that can bring hope for the very first time. With this new knowledge and understanding of eczema and skin, you will no longer have to suffer with just managing eczema but will be able to EXplain eczema and the path out of it to yourself & others.

Once you have this new knowledge and have taken the choice to move on from eczema, you will be supported by Dr Harley Farmer through your journey out of eczema with our 28-day digital coaching program.


The Full Control program includes the recipe for our irritant-FREE Skincare Liquid, so, if you want to make it for yourself at home, you will never need to buy eczema products again. The financial savings become immense when you continue to use that recipe.

Never buy Eczema products again!


Start Your Learning

If you are not quite ready to start the FULL CONTROL PROGRAM

Order 1 or Both of Our Amazing E-Books

Read How Bethan Escaped Eczema using EXeczema or

Read DR Harleys book that started EXeczema!

The Inside View


Make our own eczema skincare liquid at home

It makes sense to view eczema from the outside: the redness is outside, products are applied outside and we scratch the outside. Eczema goes on and on when you use the outside view.

Hope comes from doing something different. Bethan did and ended her eczema misery.

What is eczema?


Eczema Knowledge

This e-book from Dr. Harley Farmer will start to EXplain eczema in new and different terms. The knowledge in this book will help you understand the factors that cause the skin to be inflamed and itchy. You can then choose to avoid the cause and give the skin a greater chance of healing itself.

Both E-books


Make our own eczema skincare liquid at home

SAVE £4.95


When You order

our e-book bundle



Start TODAY and become one of the EXeczema Success stories

Our Full Control Program Can

End Eczema Without Drugs!

**30 Day Money Back Guarantee**

We EXplain


Eczema Knowledge

Leave drugs like steroids behind. We EXplain how to work with nature to achieve beautiful skin.

28 day Coaching &


Support for Eczea

Dr Harley will support you daily through your journey to eczema freedom.

The Recipe for


Make our own eczema skincare liquid at home

We include the recipe for our

irritant-FREE Skincare Liquid.

Never buy Eczema cream again!

Start the Full Control Program

Today! - Only £295

We prefer to work with people who share my values, commitment and passion for ending eczema but we understand that not everyone will be ready to follow the program and end their eczema.

If after gaining the knowledge, YOU decide not to follow the program to end your eczema, we will happily refund you the cost of this program.

We can offer the knowledge and support but it is YOU that will end your eczema.

This is why we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

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